Pure Guava Petite Sour

By | August 2, 2011

This is a beer that will tickle the senses..and is best summed up by our friend Nathan Zeender of Desjardin Brewing

baroque beer: of, relating to, or having the characteristics of a style of artistic expression that is marked generally by use of complex forms, bold ornamentation, and the juxtaposition of contrasting elements often conveying a sense of drama, movement, and tension: characterized by grotesqueness, extravagance, complexity, or flamboyance.

So what’s in a name? Well for starters, Petite Sour is our line of seasonally inspired tart Wheat beers or Wit beer as it is more our take on an old rustic belgian-style wit or farmhouse wit as I prefer to call it. Petite in both the level of tartness and alcohol, this version weighs in at 4.5% abv. Sessionable and sour… interesting concept..

Pure Guava is the first of the Petite Sours to be released and gets it’s name from the intense Guava character that the spontaneously soured and 100% Brettanomyces fermented beer had before it was blended into the spiced farmhouse wit. There isn’t actually any Guava fruit in this beer, in fact there is no fruit at all. All the aroma and flavor comes from the Brettanomyces yeast. To make this beer we combined Berliner Weisse or Gose brewing techniques with a farmhouse attitude to brewing. Part of the blend is spontaneously soured and then my favorite Brettanomyces strain added to finish out fermentation on the sour wort. The base beer was spiced with coriander and sumac and fermented entirely in our oak foeder with one of my favorite Belgian yeast strains (actually I hear it’s from France). Combine all this and we get our baroque beer.. Petite Sour. This beer was brewed on April 27th and May 3rd respectively and bottled May 23rd. By the time of it’s release it will have been bottle conditioning for about 2 and a half months. Already on draft at a few locations in Fort Collins and Denver, the bottle release party will be announced in days. I leave you with the long description.

Deviating from conventional brewing methods and inspired by historic brewing techniques, we created our Pure Guava Petite Sour. Blending farmhouse brewing traditions with an old world souring technique this rustic wheat beer is brewed with the addition of oats and spiced with coriander and sumac. Fermented entirely in our distinct oak foeder, Pure Guava is an unfiltered, golden wild ale with tropical fruit aromas and bright citrus flavors created by a proprietary Brettanomyces strain. This beer is bottled with the natural yeast, if cellared in a cool dark place it will develop more complex Brett characteristics and evolve for years to come. Drink as you would a wheat beer, cloudy with the yeast in suspension. Please enjoy this unique offering in your favorite stemmed glassware and allow the beer to breathe and open up as you swirl it in your glass.

Thoroughly chill and open carefully, slowly degassing the excess CO2 built up from the active yeast.