A Sneak Peak at What’s to Come

By | March 5, 2011

Wow! It’s about time I got around to up dating this blog to reflect where Crooked Stave is at this time. With three batches now in barrels souring, it’s time to get a 4th batch brewed and fermenting. This has been difficult due to working around brewing schedules and being a one man show. Now that we have beer that has been brewed the question I keep getting asked is, “when will you have beer on the market?” That happens to be a hard question to answer. Right now our goal is to get our barrels filled and then start releasing beers which don’t take quite as long to produce. We need more fermenter space and the ability to produce the American Petite Sour which will hopefully be our year around.. seasonally changing beer. To make this happen we are purchasing a 25 hectolitre foudre or oak fermenter which we can conduct primary fermentations in. The beauty will be in it’s versatility to do mixed culture primary fermentations in. As well we have been working with a restaurant in Denver to brew an exclusive beer for them. More details soon but this exclusive beer may actually be the first beer we release to the market and brewed in the oak foudre before we start producing the American Petite Sour which otherwise will be the first beer released to liquor stores as well as on draft. As well I’m pursuing a few stainless fermenters which would allow us to bump up production given storage and tank space.

Don’t feel like waiting that long? Just announced, we’ll be pouring Wild Wild Brett Golden at Mile High Wine and Spirits Beer Tasting March 8th from 6:30-8:30PM. It is our good friend Brad’s last tasting he will be putting on as the Beer Guru at Mile High Wine and Spirits. To say thanks we’ve pulled off a little of the Golden base beer from L’Brett d’Or which is primary fermented with 5 strains of Brettanomyces to pour at the event. We have a very limited amount to pour but are very excited to be a part of Brad’s last tasting. We’ll miss you buddy!