Oak Barrels for Beer, not para plantas

By | January 7, 2011

The Photo above gives a little indication of the barrel load we hauled from Denver to Fort Collins at the end of December. In all we loaded up 13 red wine barrels on the trailer and 4 into the vehicle while still managing to find room for eight barrel racks. I then made the glorious drive with high winds and no visibility out any of my mirrors up to Fort Collins with the vehicle smelling of red wine from the recently empty barrels.

On the way I made a pit stop to visit a friend who had a few spontaneously fermented brews aging away in his garage. Each was interesting with lots of organic acid production dominating the aromas and flavors. One carboy was pure gold with apricot aromas and citric acid dominating the acid profile. Expect to hear more about our spontaneous endeavor soon as the program takes shape from this one carboy made from pure 100% Colorado spontaneous micro flora..

Since then we have acquired 5 more oak barrels. These white wine barrels came from our good friends at Nebraska Brewing Co. and formerly held their Melange a Trios. Our barrel cellar is getting deep now with 29 barrels already in house and we should have another 19 by months end bringing our total to 48. The photos below are of some of the barrels stacked in the barrel cellar.

Getting the Barrels Unloaded

Barrels in the Barrel Room