First Oak Barrels Arrive

By | December 16, 2010

Markers Mark Barrels In the Van

As the weeks go on we are getting closer to our first anticipated brew day. While we don’t yet know exactly when it will be, we have been going over the recipes and contacting suppliers for raw materials. We have just purchased our first oak barrels, seven Makers Mark Bourbon Barrels. The barrels came from Odell Brewing Co. and have been used once to age their Imperial Stout. These barrels will be perfect for our Dark Burgundy Sour ale. The idea behind the barrels for this beer is to age it in various spirit barrels which have previously held beer so the Bourbon or spirit character is not overpowering and instead the oak lends softer vanilla and spice character during the long aging process.

We are working on acquiring more oak barrels. The different beers require different types of oak barrels depending on the characteristics we are looking to achieve in the beers. We have just heard back that we’ll be receiving five French oak barrels which previously held Chardonnay Wine. These barrels will be used to age the 100% Brettanomyces fermented Golden Sour ale, lending a hint of the Wine character to the beer. We’re waiting to hear back about some Red Wine Barrels from Napa and Palisade on the Colorado Western Slope. Hopefully more barrels will be coming this week.

Makers Mark Barrels Being Transported

Chad Moving Makers Mark Barrels

The Seven Makers Mark Barrels