Brewery Permits Submitted

By | November 19, 2010

Starting any new business involves lots of planning and filing of documents. During the first week of November we filed all of the necessary state and federal documents to operate as a business entity in Colorado. That was only the first step. In order to produce and sell beer there is a whole other application process we must go through. At the Federal level the TTB requires Brewers Notices and Wholesale Basic Permits to be filled out and submitted along with a slew of additional documentation. Then there is the Colorado Department of Revenue, Liquor Division which has its own set of liquor license applications and another daunting list of additional documents including, lease agreements, a detailed diagram of the brewing premises, individual history reports, finger print card, etc… In what feels like our greatest accomplishment to date with Crooked Stave, we have mailed off our TTB forms and submitted in person for our Colorado liquor licenses. Now it is a waiting game until we hear back, at which time we can start brewing!